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About Me

At around 11-12 years old, my dad handed me an SLR camera, igniting my liking for capturing the present. My journey into the world of photography and cinematography began unexpectedly because of that moment and has evolved into a profound passion that I'm eager to turn into a fulfilling career. I am dedicated to refining my cinematic sensibilities, always striving for improvement and innovation in my craft.

I have done a crash course of photography for a month but have an experience of 6 years. The motive of photography is ‘Capturing the Present’, which will never become outdated with the passing of time.

In my photography work, I have a hobby of wildlife photography as well as I have done some projects such as ads shoot, model shoot and product shoot. I also have some experience with 2d animations and motion graphics.

I have yet to develop a particular style for my art, I am drawn to dark, poetic, emotional. I like capturing visually stunning images and videos that are emotionally rich and evocative.

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